Tuesday, February 20, 2007

As I fight the flu....

I feel led to drop a random thoughts-style update

I joined an elite club this week. I now belong to the group of professors who have been hit on by their students. This overture came from a former student via a social-networking website. She initially wanted to talk history over coffee (no problem there) but the ante kept being upped with a phone number (her's, not mine) and an invitation for the weekend. Only when I dropped a slick reference to my beautiful girlfriend did the truth come out. I think she feels about 3 feet tall.

Children of Men is a badass movie. I think that apocalyptic movies are a sign of discontent in society. Look at the 1970s. You have the aftermath turbulent 1960s, Vietnam, the crisis of Watergate, and a growing environmental alarmism. As a result, you get Charlton Heston's end-of-the-world trilogy (Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, and Omega Man). The optimism of the 1980s and 1990s have now been replaced in the post-9/11, Iraq war-influenced world.

Finger Eleven is probably the next in a long line of crappy rock bands. They could easily be the heir to Nickleback's shitty, no-talent product and all of its entitlements (i.e. endless radio airplay). Finger Eleven's new song Paralyzer, however, is pretty good.

Its been a terrible season for SGM's officially-endorsed English football team West Ham United. With 11 games to go they are in the drop-zone 5 points from safety. They have more talent than a lot of larger clubs, but can't play well together. It is a comedy of errors.

The Daytona 500 would be much cooler if all of the cars crossed the finish line on their roofs and on fire.

My video game playing has declined to almost zero. I started a new manager mode on FIFA 07 with a British League Two team. I have wanted to rent either the Marvel of DC games, but have yet to. If y'all can recommend one over the other, hit me up in the comments section (since I can't go back to work until Friday).

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