Sunday, February 25, 2007

[NBA] DET 95 - CHI 93

There was a magnificent sequence in the first quarter that only hinted at the snug defensive display that the game ended up being.

Tayshaun Prince is still more underrated by the league than I think the announcers want to accept. But I am warming up to Webber, 'cause he finally seems to be stepping up his game since coming to Detroit (popping the game winning clutch shot to stave off OT didn't hurt either).

The announcers let slip that Rasheed Wallace has 50 technicals, which gets a question mark AND an exclamation point. Okay, he's got 50 T's, why does Detroit still let him get a check with six zeroes?

One thing I was afraid of, listening to the Detroit fans boo their once-golden child Big Ben, was that the Detroit team would pussy up on him, being that they're all buddy-buddy (like Barkley did with Jordan that year that Phoenix shoulda won the title), but that wasn't the case.

I wish I gave two shits more about CLE/MIA, but Dwayne Wade's injured, making Miami a one-man team again (and I one thing I hate as much as one-man teams are two-man teams, for just that reason ... looking at you, Kobe-Shaq Lakers, Iverson-Webbber 76ers, Jordan-Pippen Bulls). And LeBron keeps seeming to me like the most flaccid hyped player in NBA history. Well, Shawn Kemp. Oh, and Len Bias, but I guess he had a reason for his flaccidity ... well, rigidity, if you wanna be technical.

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