Monday, February 19, 2007

"Where you been?" (An update of sorts)

Ya'll been missin' me. I know you do. What've I been up to lately? Glad you asked; part of it involves spending money ...

When the new issue of Fangoria comes out, it has a feature on the new film, "Grindhouse," from Rodriguez & Tarantino. That could be why I couldn't get my hands on it at my local comic shop.

I've been elbow deep in games, computer utilities, and other assorted monkeyshines, part of which has been Hero Machine, and seriously, one day in the future I'm going to declare a superhero war amongst us, for who can create the most wacked-out superhero, to represent SGM in all its glory. For now, I'm developing bio pages (like the old Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe manuals) for some of my recent creations, like Bitchcakes, Two Ton Dumbass, and Shaolin Tongue, so be on the lookout for the pdf's of those in the near future.

I bought some videogames yesterday, and probably spent way too much, seeing as how they're PC games - "Heroes Of Might & Magic IV," "Bricks of Egypt," and "Diner Dash" (for the spouse). I still have "Age of Mythology" that I need to get to, as well.

Of course, I'm currently working on March's pod(cast), as well. I actually had to set myself a date to have this done, so that I could focus on getting it done in a timely matter (goals are important, everyone). But I've already picked out a title - "On Snakes, Arrogance & Blindfolds" - so some folks will be able to figure out what date this bad boy will be hitting the streets. (If you figure it out, shhh: leave the fun of figuring it out for the others.)

Found several links that might be hitting a new section on the blogsite - "SGM References & Resources" - in the near future. First, "46 Free Utilities" (check out the best free software suite, where I picked up a swank photo editor called "The Gimp" ... that, plus my "4000 Fonts" and "1000 Best Fonts" packages should make for some nice banners & backgrounds in the future). Also on the horizon would be "101 Free Games On The Web", courtesy of Games For Windows Magazine (although for some reason it only loads up sporadically, for me anyway). Then, I stumbled upon Free Woodworking Plans, and seeing as how I got a new house, the opportunity for projects has opened wide. So expect some link expansion in the near future. (Oh, and I need to change the Deep Discount DVD address in the pull-down menu to the proper Deep Discount only site ... that damn place sells books now, so I'm just going to send them all my future paychecks from now on.)

(Granted, to avoid making those the equivalent of a storage space for My Favorites, please feel free to add or suggest links that can go in any of the categories, or to suggest a method by which to declutter the categories as they are.)

Just two more games, and my personal PS2 collection will be done! "God Of War II" and "Metal Slug Anthology" (which I've had on pre-order since December 2006 w/ Overstock). Next stupid collection goal: The Video Nasties; horror & exploitation films that were pulled from video store shelves in Great Britain in the early '80s (got this great book - "Shock! Horror! Astounding Artwork From The Video Nasty Era"). But for some reason, I can't get past this feeling like I need to get a compound microscope ... maybe I'm watching too many episodes of CSI. Definitely on the horizon, though, will be a nine-ring Wu Tang broadsword ... if I can find a place that will sell one.

Josh, I hadn't forgotten about getting up with you online about the FTP stuff ... just got insanely sick this past week (probably from a med change, more than anything). Rest assured that at some point in the future, we'll meet up online & hammer out some stuff.

Speaking of meeting, what's the possibility that at some point in the near future we can all meet up for a lunch, a la the ol' Summits (which were actually one thing I did enjoy about That Other SiteTM, in its prime)? That's all four of us - Ron, Rev, Willis, myself. Grady will make it, in spirit.

Um, I think that's all from me, for now. Damn, reading back over all this, I apologize for the rambling; I just hadn't been on here in a while, and I guess I had a lot more stuff in my head than I thought. Gotta run now and get band-aids and tape, and swing by the local EB, maybe the bookstore too. So, holla back, playas.

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Nate said...

I fixed the link menu, 'cause I had no idea that it was so screwed up in Firefox. Joshua had mentioned before that the link menu didn't work anymore, but it was just fine and dandy on Explorer, but I wanted something that would work everywhere, and damn ... after toying around with making a link menu with a "Go!" button (which would only "go" back to the blog), I finally had to resort to the link menu at the bottom of the blog.

And unholy hell, what a fucking chore that ended up being ... such a pain in the ass, I thought, "I need a fucking drink after this." And I don't drink.