Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little snippet of therapy today

Had a client today talk about how people around her are getting on her nerves, and as we talked more about it, I urged her to be like a UFC competitor. I described nerve locks & holds, then discussed how UFC athletes have to do particular exercises to toughen the muscles around those nerves so that shit don't hurt as bad. This led to a discussion of a variety of therapy exercises that would work for this person's particular complaints.

It's sessions like that which make me love my job.

(Speaking of therapy ... hey Will, hit me up and let me know if you have any cartoons in your DVD collection that have some character holding up a heavy amount of objects, struggling to keep their ass from falling into a pitchfork or a shovel of hot coals while a character is getting ready to drop a feather on the pile. I'm thinking a Tom & Jerry, a Bugs Bunny cartoon [I seem to recall a psuedo Red Riding Hood cartoon like this], something like that. I wanna use it for my group program.)


Will said...

How soon do you need to know??? It may take a while to find it since I have several.

Nate said...

No rush. I have means by which to rip & burn DVDs now, so just keep an eye out, as you're watching those cartoons.

Of course, having means to rip & burn DVDs means that I'm able to make that DVD of wrestling matches that we were talking about. So while that may not be ready for 'Mania, expect that hopefully sometime this summer.