Saturday, March 17, 2007

A little Wrestlemania discussion, anyone?

I just wanted to open the floor to some responses to a question I had while watching Smackdown! tonight:

Should the Undertaker ever be defeated at 'Mania? He's 14-0 at this writing, going into Wrestlemania 23 facing Batista for the World Title.

This leads to another question: Should it be Batista that beats the Undertaker at Wrestlemania? Or do you think 'Taker will go 15-0?

Let me know what you think. I'll post my opinions after a day or two.


Will said...

I think Undertaker should win at Mania. I would like to see him retire from the ring with an undefeated Mania streak intact.

Besides, why would they give that honor to Batista??

Nate said...

I don't see Batista winning. What I do see is, a point where Edge goes undefeated (and if he loses the MITB match, I see it somehow "not counting" against his win streak) in enough 'Manias, and then Edge and Undertaker meeting for a streak-vs-streak match. And why not Edge? He's as good a choice as any.

Problem is, they've painted themselves into a corner with Undertaker's streak. No one's around that can logically end it; not enough fresh guys, and not enough vets (and a vet shouldn't take the streak anyway, not something that can be used to boost a guy's credibility).

And let's look at the "streak": Jimmy Snuka. Jake Roberts. Giant Gonzalez. King Kong Bundy. Diesel. Sid Vicious. Kane. Big Boss Man. Triple H. Ric Flair. A-Train & Big Show. Kane, again. Randy Orton. Mark Henry. A few good folks, but very few real threats to the streak.

That being said, at the time Randy Orton was the best option they've had in a while. Orton's shit was wearing thin when he had a cup of coffee with the title, only to drop it all transitional-style to Triple H. A win over 'Taker would have ratcheted Orton back to playoff contention. He lost, and where's he at now.

Who do I see maybe eeking out a big Mania win, if I thought that Taker will drop the streak to someone who deserves to get a limelight rub? Maybe Edge, 'cause trust me, Edge has that something that WWF needs in the long run; someone who can fill both good & bad guy roles, and can look good and also carry some folks who aren't as good. Plus, they could set it up easy, by putting Edge over in the Money In The Bank match April 1, then having him switch brands, landing him on Smackdown. Play with that for a year, then eventually you'll have Edge vs. Taker, streak for streak.

Edge's streak? w/ Christian, two wins over the Dudley Boys & The Hardys, for the tag team titles. Booker T. MITB 1. Mick Foley.

If Edge doesn't end up being the guy to end the streak, that just leaves one man, two words: Mister Kennedy.

Rev. Joshua said...

I agree with the sentiment that if the streak does end, it should be valuable. Someone, with two or three years in the WWE at the top of the mid card with quality skills on the mic and in the ring, on the verge of breaking into the main event and that the WWE has solid long term plans for. (So it will probably be broken by Triple H within the next two years.) At this point Edge is really well beyond needing that kind of heat. He just needs a consistent run with the title, if he hasn't already had one.

Ron said...

This is the only "streak" that has any sort of meaning left in wrestling. Goldberg's undefeated streak in the WCW (with half of his wins coming from Yjui Nagata) is long forgotten because it turned out that Goldberg really sucked. RVD's holding of the ECW TV title for 14 months or whatever is not talked about either. Vince is aware of this and needs it to continue to draw heat for Mania's in the future (and this is a given talking point on a yearly basis), so it won't drop until the Underbiker is ready to pass the torch to someone else. He will probably lose it to Kane just so he can say that he lost it to his brother and then never be heard from again.