Saturday, March 24, 2007

March's podcast is available now.

March 2007: "Of Snakes, Arrogance, and Blindfolds"

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0:00 - 1:45: Crazy George Zucco gives a passionate discourse on the benefits of a werewolf frontline; listen to it again in the present context, and I defy you to tell me that he doesn’t make a good argument.
1:45 - 5:32: Big Daddy Kane drops so many gems in this one, he’s like an overloaded jewel thief, among which is arguably the best one, "My rhymes are like spandex, they make any ass seem good." Goddamn ...
5:32 - 7:14: Freddy’s Pizzeria, open all night, and Satan suggests a diet plan ... This message is Ric Flair approved!
7:14 - 10:20: James Brown finally got buried; even in death, he paid the cost to be the boss.
10:20 - 14:30: Son Seals - "I Believe to My Soul"
14:30 - 15:53: The beat to EPMD’s "So What’cha Sayin’"
15:53 - 17:00: Unicron creates Galvatron, over some sinister, yet familiar, music
17:00 - 20:15: Bertha Butt Boogie, Geto Boys’ "Declaration of War," and Public Enemy’s "Resurrection," blended up and served raw. I made this.
20:15 – 23:40: Special Ed – "I Got It Made"
23:40- 27:11: I wrote my way through half a screenplay involving a western theme, demons from hell, and a few luchadores; this was the music playing over the opening credits, in the movie in my head.
27:11 - 27:21 See you in 30!


Rev. Joshua said...

I liked the Big Daddy Kane track, the blend of the three songs was well done and a good choice of soundtrack music. For some reason I was expecting a song from Crank Yankers' Special Ed on "I Got it Made".

I'll put this one on the site in a day or so.

Nate said...

Cool, thanks, and let me know if it was recorded too low in volume.