Monday, March 05, 2007

Pointless update

I've been quiet for most of the week (well, everyone has, but that's okay) because I have a new baby that needs lots of attention.


Amp 001

You didn't think I meant a kid, did you?

To answer Nate, I did know about the nekkid pics of Alexis Laree, but I assumed they were common knowledge, so I didn't mention them. I didn't find them particularly interesting. Trish Stratus, though...I'd kill each and every one of you to see her naked. Well, not kill, but maim.

Finally: Crackdown - X360. Fucking awesome. It's like the Tick, if he used guns.

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Nate said...

That's a sweet set-up.

I have a masterplan to turn this computer that I'm on now into a big stereo/ entertainment center/ audio & video editing/ gaming platform (tha L wants to get me a new computer for my next birthday, so I've gotta do something with this one). Anyway, on the stereo tip, I might be asking you for some feedback & suggestions.

And I feel the love for Trish Stratus ... but Mickie James fulfills my deep rooted love for big butt booty bitches.