Thursday, April 12, 2007

About Head-On vs. commercials

I went with Head-On commercials on this one, 'cause not only were the originals just horrible bits of aural torture, but the ones that they've released recently, making fun of the original commercials ... seriously, who talks like that? At no point have I ever turned to anyone and used my deepest, gnarliest, more Jewish voice to say, "Head-Ahn! Apply directly ta fowhead! Head-Ahn! I hate yer commercials but yer prahduck's th' best!!!!"

Although ... that nappy headed, Coke bottle glasses wearing jackass who shops for non-lethal bullets and thinks that mattresses should have warning labels is a front runner, for real. I bet he'd snort a lit cigarette for five grand more than pays him.

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Rev. Joshua said...

The only HeadOn commercials I've ever seen were on CNN, but that was during lunch with the sound off so I can't judge any of that. commercials make me want to smoke a cigarette in protest, so I voted for them. Fuck those self-righteous douchebags.