Sunday, April 22, 2007

April's mixtape is ready; don't sleep.

April 2007: "(Fuck 'em And) Let 'em Eat Fish Headz"

Took long enough ...

Did something new, for the sake of time ... no mad scientist intro, no "Mad Scientific Production" outro. Please voice your opinions on whether these should be left out in the future or if I should bring 'em back. I think I'm going all instrumental next session.

0:00 - 1:00: Man, I used to watch Spider-Man & Hulk on NBC every Saturday; now I'm all misty eyed and shit.
1:00 - 4:26: "My words demand attention, like a terrorist with nuclear weapons."
4:26 - 7:56: "It's not just my pride. It's just 'til these tears have dried."
7:56 - 10:24: "I seen his feet, they both lefty; he's steppin' half-correctly."
10:24 - 13:13: Some anime shit; I think there's ninjas and shit in it.
13:13 - 15:54: "A beggin' phone call starts with 'Please.'"
15:54 - 19:54: "Don't get it twisted; I told you that we top-of-the-line designed, realistic."
19:54 - 20:50: There's this scene in the movie "28 Days Later" where this dude is walking through the deserted London streets ... this is from that. "Hello!"
20:50 - 25:36: "When your hands get dirty, nobody knows you at all."
25:36 - 30:39: "Go 'head and marry, don'cha wait on me; might not want'cha when I go free."

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Rev. Joshua said...

Because I slept on updating the website for about a month and a half, I got directly on uploading this podcast and updating the Audio section:

I'll give this one a listen tomorrow after work. Before listening, I will say that I thought the Mad Scientific outro was a good trademark-style thing, but it's all you, so do whatcha like.