Saturday, April 21, 2007

NBA Playoffs start today!

Pistons to win it all! Dewey defeats Truman!!

I'm still pleased with the Pistons, since their relatively surprise shock win of the 2004 Finals against the sweet blessed Bryant-Oneal Lakers. I hate that they lost Ben Wallace, and pissed that they didn't take the opportunity to trade technical foul machine Rasheed Wallace (trading one to keep the other would have been where I went).

This early in the playoffs, the high ranked teams will no doubt defeat their lower ranked counterparts (Mavs vs. Warriors? Right ...). But my money on the sweet series is Heat vs. Bulls. In fact, as I write this, there's about 3:45 to go in the first, and it's a good solid game so far. It's always too hard to tell who's gonna do what in the first periods of games usually, but so far this looks good. Wallace the former facing up against Shaq looks like someone, maybe both, will be dumping on the Icy Hot tonight.

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