Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This makes me physically ill

So they are making a new Batman movie.

I really liked Batman Begins. After Joel Schumacher ruined Tim Burton's Batman franchise (Alicia Silverstone anyone?), I was glad to see the series get a reboot. Christian Bale played a good Batman, although I thought Michael Keaton made the character more human. Katie Holmes was marginal as the love interest, but the supporting cast of Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman was top notch.

They are currently filming the next Batman movie, tentatively titled The Dark Knight, and I am scared that they are falling into the same trap as before. Sure, Bale is back, as are the supporters. Katie is out (apparently Tom Cruise won't let her out of the house until she becomes a 33rd degree Mason or whatever) and Maggie Gyllenhaal is in and that is ok. They even added Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, taking over the role played by Billy Dee Williams (?!?!) in the first one and, later, Tommy Lee Jones as a different version of the character. And then I read who the bad guy was.

On the upside, the bad guy is the Joker.

On the downside, the Joker is Heath Ledger.

I hope the studio releases a trailer very, very early so all the YouTubers get their Brokeback Batman videos out of the way.

What on earth are they doing? I hope he wasn't the best that they could find, because I can think of five more actors who would be a better Joker than that guy. Maybe the director knew that no one can live up to Nicholson's Joker, so they cast Ledger as a throwaway who wouldn't take away from the rest of the cast.


Nate said...

Honestly, the saddest part of the whole Batman franchise was that Billy Dee Williams didn't get to reprise his role as Harvey Dent. Tell me that shit wouldn't have Travolta'd his acting career.

Nate said...

And add me to the list that says they missed the boat big time by not at least pencilling in Crispin Glover for the Joker. I'm just sayin'.

Nate said...
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