Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Another school related shooting

When the VA Tech shootings went down one of the earliest thoughts I had was the fervent hope that the shooter had never even heard of video games, let alone played them regularly and for fuck's sake not Grand Theft Auto. The last thing the video game industry needs is a high-profile incident for media whore, anti-gaming crusader, and alleged attorney Jack "Douchebag" Thompson to attach his blood-sucking maw in his quest to wipe the world clean of simulated evil. Because as we all know, violence did not exist before the advent of video games. (Homosexuality was also created in 1959 as a Communist plot to destroy America, but that's beside the point.)

Imagine my dismay when today's shooting, which left a paltry one person dead, turned out to be not just possibly inspired by video games, but was a direct result of a dispute over a game console.


Fortunately it appears that post-VA Tech-shooting-fatigue has set in, as the story isn't linked on Drudge anymore and I had to dig three pages deep at USA Today to find a link. Plus the Fort Dix Caper and the Kansas vs the Natural Disasters stories seem to be keeping it off the front page. All the same: goddammit.

UPDATE: Added like to Jack Thompson's Wikipedia entry, changed name from Jack Armstrong. For some reason I cannot remember this asshole's last name correctly.

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