Monday, May 28, 2007

Everything that is wrong with where we are from

You know, I used to rebel when That Other Site used to show pictures of hillbillies and act like it was something to be proud of.

I would change the background to Foghorn Leghorn and other various and sundry things in those days. Especially when the one of the guy balancing a beer can on top of a sleeping hillbillies head was made the POW for the 14th time in history.

If you want to see why I despise those so much, click on this link. It is a story from the Times News. Note the 300 pound woman in a mu-mu, the boy holding the dog, etc., etc. The only stereotype missing is a rebel flag, and I bet if you look hard enough one is tatooed on a guy's arm in the pic.

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Nate said...

That's actually one of the things that makes me ill about Pigeon Forge. The raping of Appalachian culture for the sake of making money on the "stoopid hillbillies" pisses me off, and anyone that condones that practice gets the Gas Face. Another in a long line of reasons why we are here, and they are there.

Which leads me to this statement: It is funny how people can make observations without internalizing their significance.