Friday, May 04, 2007

The SGM Super 30: Video Game #20


The video game equivalent of heroin or crack-in-a-can. I defy you to start a game of Tetris and not play at least one round all the way through. If this game was around at the height of the Cold War, it would have crippled our morale and we'd all be speaking Russian, comrade, cheering for Nikita Koloff instead of against him.

Simple premise: Guide colored blocks down a column, and when you fill up a row, it disappears. As time increases, so does the speed of the falling blocks. There are assloads of variations, from games with three dimensional blocks, to exploding or disappearing blocks, to whacked-out shaped blocks. Honestly, I still think there should be clinics for Tetris addiction.

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Rev. Joshua said...

My sister and I played so much Tetris on her GameBoy that the down button was worn and eventually stopped working.