Monday, June 25, 2007

Chris Benoit found dead by Atlanta police

Holy shit.

News available at this writing is that Benoit, his wife (Woman from WCW), and their son Daniel were found dead in their Atlanta home. No further details at this writing. Online speculation is on a murder/suicide.

References to Vince McMahon's death have been removed from the WWF website.

Tonight's Raw will be focusing on the life and career of Chris Benoit, instead of a "Mr. McMahon Memorial." Dunno if it'll still be 3 hrs. Guess I'll be watching Raw tonight after all.


Will said...

The only true athlete that was left in the WWE and now he is gone. I knew he did not make the pay per view last night and they put the ECW belt on Johnny Nitro.

Chris Benoit--hands down- one of the best that ever wrestled in my opinion.

I hope that the whole McMahon dead thing is done and they realize that it is not appropriate to do a storyline like that.

Will said...

Looks like it is showing the story from his DVD.

I wonder what suburb in Atlanta he lived. It is only about 2 or 2 and a half hours from here.

Rev. Joshua said...

I was having a good day. I got out of bed without a lot of effort and work didn't eat ass. Then Jake calls me around 7:30, but I couldn't answer it. I call back at the end of my shift and he tells me Benoit is dead along with Woman and their son. Then my goddamned car won't start; it's either the battery or my ignition. I call my roommate to pick me up and that turns into more bullshit.

Man, Benoit was a fucking machine. I tried to watch some of Raw after I finally got home, but I'm just not up for it.

Fucking universe.

Will said...

Can you imagine being Malenko or Chavo and losing two good, close friends unexpectantly within two years or so?

And if you saw the show tonight, Edge was extremely broken up over it.

Nate said...

Yeah, it was actually Edge's spot that affected me the most, especially when he just went all existential and said, "I just don't understand this."

According to a majority of reputable news sources, and I hate to say it, but this mess is being investigated as a possible murder-suicide.

Ron said...

Didn't know about it until this morning. Such a strange sounding situation with the family dying over the weekend and Benoit dying on Monday. They also said no guns were used.

Wonder what the feels about making someone die in a story and then having someone else die in real life.

Will said...

If it was a murder-suicide which they are leaning toward, I wonder who did the murdering. I mean and to also kill your own son. Man, wonder what was going on in their head.

This reminds me so much of the death of Phil Hartman