Sunday, June 24, 2007

Found this, re: tomorrow's 3 hr RAW show

Courtesy of whoever 411Wrestling stole this news from:

"Steve Austin, Eric Bischoff, Jimmy Hart, and Charles 'Godfather' Wright are all scheduled to appear on RAW tomorrow. The plan is to do a heavy comedy show in hopes of turning the fans around on the Mr. McMahon death angle."

Yup. 'Cause when I think heavy comedy, I think those four.

Nah, really, "heavy comedy" was Stephanie McMahon feigning a mourning daughter; I bet, when Vince really dies, they'll be able to look back on lines like "I had to spend my first Father's Day without my dad," and laaauuugh.

Even funnier was when they were replaying this on Smackdown Friday, and HEAVILY edited out the boos from the audience during Stephanie's promo.

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Ron said...

About the only way they can get me to watch again is to bring back the Godfather full time and put him in a program with Randy Orton and John Cena for the title.