Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last night's RAW

Okay, we gotta talk.

2.5 hours of decent wrestling television, only to end it with the worst battle royal ever - where even the commentators were unanimously coaching the wrestlers to team up against the other brands - and then ... then ... boom. Vince McMahon gets in a limo, which explodes when the door shuts.

Double-you tee eff? Where in the hell could they possibly be going with that?

(If you haven't seen it, read a recap, STAT, 'cause for real, you might either think it was great TV [although not great WRESTLING TV], or it sucked a big bag of donkey goobers ... I don't know how anyone could be on the fence with this one.)


Rev. Joshua said...

Dumb. Just fucking dumb. They've been doing the Draft since 2002 and still have yet to do it consistently or constructively. Winner of the match gets the pick for their brand, which is randomly selected by computer? Dee you emm bee dumb.

I don't even have the energy for Vince being blown up in a limo. Fucking Christ, I do not miss wrestling. Not even a bit.

Ron said...

I haven't watched wrestling in about 2 years. I would imagine that, if I turned on Raw next week, I would see the same guys I saw two years ago, locked in close to the same feuds they were in. There might be a gimmick change here or there...maybe a new guy or two, but for the most part it will be the same.

Wrestlers will continue to stand up when Shawn Michaels is loading up his boot for the superkick. Wrestlers will continue to punch Hulk Hogan while he is hulking out instead of jumping out of the ring and letting the Hulk cool down a bit. Wrestlers will continue to be grossed out by that guy who eats worms. Wrestlers will continue to look at the entryway for 2 minutes while a wrestler is running through the crowd to attack them. There is no innovation whatsoever anymore....at least there wasn't two years ago.

I echo Josh's sentiments. I don't miss wrestling one bit.

Will said...

Why would you kill yourself in a storyline. I mean like Nate said where are they going with this?

This comes to mind the silliest and dumbest storylines in WWE.

One I pick is when Kane had killed that girl in a car accident and Triple H shows up at that funeral home and gets in casket and pretends to "screw" the body. RIDICULOUS!