Friday, June 22, 2007

Question about buying CDS

I recently have been buying CDs from Amazon and I have noticed several of them say they may have a drill hole or a small notch in the spine. Why is this??

Also, I asked Nate about old school hip hop rap. What do you all suggest? Please be CD specific.


Rev. Joshua said...

I can't say for certain but the usual reason for that is to mark the disc as a cutout, as in "cutout bin." The main reason for this practice is so that the retailer can't return the product to the manufacturer for a refund or credit. For the most part it's done to albums the manufacturer no longer has in their catalog (out of print). The manufacturer doesn't want the album returned as they aren't promoting it anymore and aren't expecting any future orders on it. It also applies to promotional releases, but I'd doubt Amazon is selling promos.

Nate said...

Are you going through the Amazon Marketplace? 'Cause those are private sellers who probably have access to outlet stock & cutouts. I've gotten a few CDs through, Amazon Marketplace, and Ebay that have had corners of the cases nicked, holes punched out of the UPC, etc.

The cutout CDs are just as good as regular, CD store, "non-cutout" CDs, in case you were worried about that.

And definitely get Big Daddy Kane's "Looks Like a Job For ..." if you can get it at a nice price.

Will said...

Thanks and I already ordered that Cd. $6 Amazon--not too shabby!