Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rate the summer movies that you want to see the most.

I am just curious what you all want to see and where they stand compared to the other movies. If you havew already seen one this summer and want to rate it then feel free to do so.

Mine are as follows:

1. Transformers

2. Live Free or Die Hard

3. Fantastic Four 2

4. Spider man 3 (I know you think it should be higher, but we have seen the formula with the director and actors.)

5. Pirates 3

6. Shrek the Third

7. Evan Almighty

8. 1408

9. I Know Pronounce you Chuck and Larry

10. Knocked Up


Nate said...

This is mines; there's only three that I'm really wanting to see:

1) 1408

2) Sicko

3) Transformers

Also, Will, I'm surprised you didn't rank the Simpsons film coming out in late July.

Will said...

I know. There were so many that I failed to mention that one. It definitely goes near the top.