Saturday, June 16, 2007

SGM Super 30: Video Game #9

Super Mario Bros

Do-do-doo, do-do-doo, doo ... *boing, boing*

"Sorry Mario, but our princess is in another castle!"

Maybe there's something to that theory that video games are bad for you; I mean, this game taught us that dropping 'shrooms was good for us. And I can hear you now ... "Who said they weren't?" But regardless, this is the game that pretty much revolutionized the platform action game.

This is also the game that puts the nail in Luigi's chances of ever being a major player of Nintendo's Mafia. He played second banana in "Mario Bros," but when he was again only accessible by Player 2 in "Super Mario," that was it. After that, it didn't matter that he was selectable in "Super Mario 2," he would forevermore be the Luca Brasi. Unless he was fucking the Princess, then he'd be the Fredo.


Will said...

This was the game that I spent countless hours playing. I loved it!!! You can actually download this game if you have a Wii and I played it about a week ago at a friends and it is still fun. Outdated-yes, but fun!

Rev. Joshua said...

I remember the first time I played SMB, I ran like hell from the mushrooms. My aunt showed me that you were supposed to grab the shrooms and get bigger. Also, the trick in World 3 where you bounce on the turtle shell is classic; it blew my mind.