Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Law & Order: SVU - last night's episode

... sucked balls.

It was being hyped as a "new episode," which it wasn't, but if it was, it would have apparently meant that the writer's strike is still on, but now networks have picked scab writers to handle their shows.

The episode started off with a chick being raped by her sister's boyfriend. This turned into a plot twist that the rapist has some kind of sleepwalking/fuck thing going on, in perhaps the most asinine explanation of a mental disorder I've ever seen. Has sex while he's sleeping? Sex that is particularly well choreographed, to include rough behavior & arousal of partner? Riiight ... the fact that he doesn't get incarcerated for such a questionable defense just goes to prove why we should mistrust the legal system.

To continue recapping this episode would make my skull split open & spawn rape goblins, but it involves a missing girl, 4 suspects, an ersatz Second Life game where "someone's playing the game but in real life," virtual underage sex, a character who has assumed a false identity, the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome ever, and the most contrived acquirement of a confession I've ever seen in a cop show. This episode required what I believe to be the Guinness Book of World Records' biggest suspension of disbelief ever.

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