Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pondering the awesome that is Amy Winehouse

After recently released video of her smoking "something" - presumably crack - from a glass pipe, I started wondering something: Do you think that she regrets releasing "Rehab" as her first go-to single? It's pretty much become a punchline for her recent excursions, that's for sure; if I read one more article about her drugging, cracking, and weirding, that includes in its title something to the effect of "Maybe she should have said 'yes, yes, yes," to rehab," *hurgedy, hurgedy, hurg*, I'm'a get me a shotgun and kill all the reporters I see.


Ron said...

When she first came out, I thought Amy Winehouse (based on the strength of the entire first album, not just Rehab) was a shoo-in for the Best New Artist grammy. The more I hear her and the more I hear of her, the less convinced I am. Obviously, musical awards are based neither on looks or character, but she fails on both counts. Plus, they overplayed the heck out of Rehab to the point that I cringe to ever hear it.

As coked out as she obviously is, I don't expect her next album to be half as good.

Rev. Joshua said...

I'm pretty sure her involvement in her next album is going to consist of having recorded vocal tracks that will be used posthumously. So with a good production team at the helm, it might be pretty good.

Nate said...

I was talking this over with the spouse as I was writing the post, and I was pretty hard pressed to come up with a faster burnout of a star of any type.