Friday, January 11, 2008

Shower thought

I've seen some messed up fetish sites online, during some random web excursions ... but why no STD fetish sites?

(And if there's a sudden surge in websites for STD porn ... then credit that trend to the S to the G isM.)


Jake Palumbo said...

You know, something I like to do for recreation is browse the personal ads ("Women Seeking Men", "Men Seeking Women" etc) on Craigslist in New York and type in the keyword "herpes" and see what pops up.

A sometimes staggering amount of ads that somehow entail herpes pop up, and they're often hilarious. Either something along the lines of "My ex gave me herpes, but I'm still pretty and fun to be around" or even "Anyone who has herpes knows it's not really a big deal."

Well, lady - it's a big deal to me. And Craigslist has made me decide I'm not banging ANY broad raw in this putrid cesspool of filth I live in. I'm not having sex with myself without a rubber.

But yes, STD fetish sites would be nasty and wrong and that's another reason SGM is an innovater in media.

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