Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Worst cover of all time

I thought about turning off comments for this one because it really is undebatable.

How Soon is Now - Tatu

Remember Tatu? That Russian girl group who acted like they were lesbianic in order to sell records? They cover the Smiths and it is absolutely dreadful. It takes a lot to beat Sheryl Crow's Sweet Child of Mine, but this, sadly, accomplishes that feat.


Rev. Joshua said...

I would imagine the crappy nature of the cover is related to the technical nature of the instrumentation. It's hard to recreate the effects on that guitar part.

Also, is "lesbianic" a word?

Ron said...

Yes, yes it is. I invented it in a graduate class I took a few years ago.

Nate said...

Wyclef Jean's version of "Wish You Were Here" says hi.

Jake Palumbo said...

"How Soon Is Now" is the one Smiths song that everyone who hates the Smiths likes. And sadly, it's been covered numerous times, never to come close to the first version (and no, that preceding statement was not a Morrissey endorsement)

You wanna talk bad cover songs? Check out Poison' s (yes, Poison) version of "Bringing Sexy Back". And promptly kill yourself. I did.