Friday, February 01, 2008

I am now repudiating my undergrad alma mater

I hope no one there ever asks me for money.

My "big time political connection" at my old school is a former member of the state board of regents, and is also the current president of my old school's foundation. My BTPC called the Pres of my old school, who called the provost, who called the chair of the department to tell me that they have nothing for me.

Bear in mind they hired an individual with no credentials and who has no dissertation. Whenever someone says they have no money, that just means that they have no money for you.

I hope the school goes under and that the sell off the land to build Dollywood East. You could probably learn more at Dollywood East than you could at the current institution.


Rev. Joshua said...

Buck didn't christen it "the Big Blue Screw" for no reason. Be glad you didn't have to spend time in the financial aid office (I'm making that assumption from you being a Republican).

Ron said...

Yeah. I didn't do financial aid. I just worked a full-time job for 3.5 semesters and 2 jobs for the other .5