Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Fox News shitty journalism watch

Clearly, we should have a label for "Shitty Journalism."

Did you know that "stealing a road is a misdemeanor." Really? The whole goddamn road?

Now, this story - about a Chinese girl killed on the campus of Virginia Tech - is pretty interesting. "Police say she was decapitated with a kitchen knife while having coffee with a Chinese doctoral student in a campus cafe Wednesday night." However, in this same story, we're led to believe that "seven other people who were in the coffee shop told police that the two hadn't been arguing before the attack."

Now, I'm puzzled, because I don't know if this is truly shitty journalism; did said attacker decapitate said victim while in the cafe? Or did they meet for coffee, leave, then at some other place the alleged attacker severed her head? They don't say exactly that the beheading occurred in the coffee shop: The two met, had coffee, apparently weren't arguing, but at some point, the killer - while among seven of probably the MOST SELF-ABSORBED individuals to ever sully the planet's surface - proceded with the grueling & arduous task of beheading his victim with a kitchen knife. If this story is to be believed, the people in that coffee shop are the shittiest human beings on the planet.

"Police received two 911 calls shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday, and were on the scene in a little more than a minute to take Zhu into custody, Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum said." Now, according to other sources, the police arrived wherever to find the dude with the girl's head in his hands. I don't have the actual facts in front of me, but can it be safe to assume that it takes a hell of a lot more time to behead a person, who's no doubt flailing and fighting, than the "little more than a minute" it took for the cops to show up?!

VA Tech has had it pretty damn rough, man. The shooting massacre from last year, and now the "Coffee Shop Seven" let this woman die? What's next? Who's next?

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