Monday, February 23, 2009

Attn: Will; feedback requested with great interest

Heath Ledger wins Best Supporting Actor Oscar

Of course, I'm interested in all opinions on this discussion, but Will and I (along with our other brother Joey) have had some interesting discussions about this film, and Ledger's part in particular.

Bit disappointed that Rourke didn't get the Best Actor nod, but I think that's less that I'm impressed with his work in "The Wrestler" - I couldn't even see the fucking thing, since it wasn't playing anywhere near me - but I thought it would be cool to have a movie about professional wrestling and a movie about superheroes strongly represented in the Academy Awards. Hell, I'd have even settled for Best Supporting Actress going to Marisa Tomei for her role; I hear she gets pretty damn naked in that film, and as we all know (say it with me one time, class):


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Will said...

I do feel like his performance in the movie defititely deserves an Oscar. I just cannot get out of my head that he may have won since he is deceased. I mean would they have given it to him if he was still alive. Not sure? I mean I do not think "Dark Knight" won many other Oscars that night. Maybe one other one, like sound or something. Of course if "Dark Knight" was set in India with Bruce Wayne pining after Rachel Dawes and winning her over after he wins a million dollars on a game show then it would definitley has scored several Oscars. OR if they had Batman age in reverse. Just a thought.

On "The Wrestler". I wish he would have one that award. I mean does Sean Penn need it. I mean he is a great actor and all but really? I mean Mickey Rourke just lost his dog, man. Give him the Oscar. If anything best dressed at the Oscars in "People" magazine.

All in all not a bad show. Wolverine singing and dancing around like a gay was odd, but hey man's got to eat.

Bottom line on the initial question. I am glad Ledger won, but I will always wonder if he would have if he was still alive. Will other actors get nods for comic book movies. Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach in "Watchmen". Hell, that would be awesome.