Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Here's a letter to the New York Post/ Worst piece of paper on the East Coast" - Chuck D

Actually, I sorta find the response to this one kinda funny. Check it:

"The cartoon in Wednesday's Post by Sean Delonas shows two police officers standing over the body of a bullet-riddled chimp. One of the officers says the other, 'They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.'" [more]

Of course, the ever-opportunistic Rev. Sharpton was on hand to quickly brand the paper "racist" and to call for a boycott and protest. Perhaps, had he ever heard the "thousand monkey/ works of Shakespeare" analogy, he'd have understood. Or perhaps he forgot his civics classes, since President Obama didn't "write" the bill (as the chimp in the cartoon did), he merely signed the bill; the chimp reference was aimed at ... don't let me down Google! ... Ah! Pelosi! Pelosi, you goddamn stupid monkey, confusing Rev. Sharpton like that!



Buck said...

The New York Post is appealing in the same way Fox News is appealing: Nice looking presentation with American flags all over it. It's mostly just a conservative rag rife with overtly right-wing editorializing and some stories that barely qualify as journalism. Having said that, I do appreciate the way they have gone after Al Sharpton in the past over his various shady financial dealings. I equate him with something you might scrape off your shoe. He's a two bit hustler and a race baiter who doesn't have a leg to stand on now. As far as I'm concerned, most race cards expired last November. Al Sharpton is just blowing this thing out of proportion because he knows it keeps him in the headlines. He knows that New Yorkers are not happy unless they have something to be outraged about. That's all. And I am sick and tired of the likes of Chuck D and John Legend telling me what newspapers to buy. I can figure out where to get my news without your help Chuck. Besides, people don't buy the Post because they're racist. They buy it because they're stupid.

Jake Palumbo said...

When I first moved to NY, I used to buy the Post because it was a quarter; for a little over a dollar a week I could read "a newspaper" on my way to work each day. I am addicted to their horoscopes, however.

The Post is now 50 cents...and I don't read anymore.

The Post does not provide in-depth analysis of Washington lobbyists or foreign policy...it provides in-depth analysis of the guy on Staten Island who's dogs ripped up an old lady, or the bum that was found frozen to death in Prospect Park or the Upper West Side socialite who kills her lover over herpes and money laundering.

If you have a masochistic desire to read about New York Trash (rich and poor) and the many ways they find to waste our oxygen, the Post is for you. Most (intelligent) New Yorkers wouldn't use it as their source for "real news" in the first place.

Also, I had the misfortune last week of being on 6th Ave near Bryant Park when they were having the protest for this...I thought I would never get through that crowd.