Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Duper Bowl thoughts as they happen

It's not even about the game anymore, it's about the spectacle!

First vote for shittiest waste of $2 million dollars in our weakened economy: The "bridging the generation gap" themed Bob Dylan commercial ... just drove home how much greater things used to be. Comparing John Belushi to Jack Black? Riiight ... only shame is that Jack Black isn't dead. But that might mean that his brand of "comedy" looks better in the rearview mirror.

Does NBC have to fork over the $2 million to hype their shows during the Super Bowl? I would think not, but then considering how many NBC shows are hyped during the commercials, that's ad revenue lost, so I'd imagine there's someone forking over funds.

I've now realized that the commercials I look forward to the most are the previews of films about to hit theaters. So far: "Angels & Demons" (the sequel to "Da Vinci Code" and it appears that Tom Hanks' shitty wig from the latter was not cast for a return to its role); "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" (GI Joe, who is not an "American" hero, no matter what you might have heard); another "The Fast & The Furious" (making this "4 Fast, 4 Furious"); "Land of the Lost" (starring Will Farrell); "Star Trek" (looks pretty impressive, and certainly ambitious); "Up" (looks OK for Pixar standards); "Aliens vs. Monsters" (Dreamworks' ersatz Pixar stuff); and "Race to Witch Mountain" (Isn't that where you want to escape from?). Oh yeah, and there's "Transformers 2," starring Indiana Jones Jr. and that chick who's fucking Brian Austin Green from the old "90210;" isn't he like 50 or something by now??

All in all, though, not a bad Super Bowl at all. Shame we couldn't have seen it live, since it was "taped six months ago in the same Nevada bunker where they filmed the moon landing" (Dale Gribble represent). Harrison's amazing play to end the first half was worth watching the whole thing.

It certainly beat watching the Adult Video Awards show on G4, to see a pack of fucking whores try to act like they aren't whores & are in fact legitimate actresses. Bet every girl that stepped up to a microphone opened her mouth and shut her eyes for the first few seconds before they realized they were being interviewed and not goo-faced.


Rev. Joshua said...

As a should-be third-generation Pittsburgh Steelers fan, that game was fucking awesome. Harrison's pick-six was mind blowing; I'm pretty sure every house in the neighborhood heard my family's shouting during the return.

How exactly does the Adult Video Awards air on non-PPV? "And the nominees for the best on-screen [beep]. Janine Lindemulder in 'Big Black [beep] in my [beep] 7,' [shows blurry clip] Chasey Lain in 'I Want [beep] 42,' [another blurry clip], Jenna Jameson in '[Beep] [beep] [beep] 15.' And the winner is Ivanna [beep]alot for '[Beeeeeeep].'" Then the acceptance speech is a blur holding a blur standing in front of a blurry video screen thanking a list of beeps and their mother.

Nate said...

Well, I admit that I flipped over to it a few times, because I too was pretty curious about what they were going to be allowed to show.

It was about as stimulating/ provocative as a GoDaddy Super Bowl ad. The part I watched was where a few of them whores were saying that they were intimidated by having to read a teleprompter.

I will let that above statement linger without comment.