Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am truly saddened

I am completely shocked and appalled.

Someone who I knew from back home invited me to participate in a fantasy baseball league. It wasn't a formal invitation, it was actually quite secretive. Along the lines of "don't tell anyone I invited you, but sign up." You see, I always play through to the end of the baseball season when others usually drop off the face of the earth by the 8th week.

Well, I signed up. I don't want to go into anymore details than that, but suffice it to say that Grady would be proud.

Today, I was removed from the league.

Saddened. Truly saddened.

Oh well. Life goes on and we are still better.


Nate said...

That's most unfortunate. How long were you actually part of the league?

I remember I used to be on some pay-per-view "pick 'em" thing, once. Then one year I just was never invited back. That's fine, though, because I have a job and things that are much more important and productive.

Ron said...

I think I lasted about 2 weeks. I posted a message about the draft, but no one ever responded. My team name was, of course, Science Gone Mad. It was going to be something to do in my spare time since we know how "busy" a number of people are. I was waiting for the midget porn distribution link to show up, but it never did.

Will said...

I actually enjoyed the Pay Per View pick 'ems but I am not sad we are not doing them anymore. That is unfortunate that you cast a side like that.

I mean it is like being asked "Who the piss is Will?" Just doesn't make sense!!!!