Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A legitimate question

So I was wondering...

Asher Roth. Why?

(I refuse to use the music tag for this post for a reason)


Nate said...

I'll see your "Asher Roth" and raise you "Mickey Avalon."

As for your question, I submit the following ...

Q. Asher Roth: Why?
A. God hates rap music.

Jake Palumbo said...

I legitimately didn't know who Asher Roth was, so I was forced to YouTube it, and, well, fuck you! Seriously though, I go with Nate's Answer.

However (and please don't waste your precious time on earth researching this guy...it's time you will never get back, and you won't be a better person for it) I will see your Asher Roth and raise you an Admiral Crumple. THIS guy got mega-ass internet famous for being wack...the William Hung of back-pack rap, who somehow snagged features from Kool Keith and Cage in real life.