Saturday, June 20, 2009

More movie news

(It’s been slow at work.)

"Machete" becoming a feature film

Oh my god, I am cry.

“Dead Snow” opens today; early word has it being perhaps the best Nazi zombie film ever made. In a world where a film like “Shock Waves” exists, that might be saying a lot.

And, a rhetorical question: Is there something wrong with me, that I don’t find Megan Fox to be any more attractive than any other actress, but in fact find every picture of her that’s recently hit the media to depict her as some vapid slut? (However, I do get some mileage out of a fantasy lezzing out between her and Sasha Grey.)

Media outlets seem to be stretching the realms of credibility a bit, intent as they are on proclaiming Ms. Fox to be the second coming of Angelina Jolie, which calls to mind one of my favorite epithets: “That’s like winning the ‘Prettiest Whore on the Corner’ pageant.” From what I’ve seen, the line between Fox & Jolie appears to begin and end at their unusual fascination with subpar skin art, coupled with their ill-advised decisions to get the names of ex-significant others inked on their bodies (et tu, Billy Bob?).

(Now, I catch myself wondering how much mileage I can get out of a fantasy lezzing out between Megan Fox and Angeline Jolie? Hm, Fox is 23, Jolie is 34 … that’s almost like she’d be making out with her older sister, dude; that’s fucked up, and I may be fucked up sometimes, but I’m not that fucked up.)

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