Saturday, July 04, 2009

"Birthday Sex" by Jeremiah

I honestly think I've stumbled upon the worst fucking song in the known universe.

I head this song five or six times on the radio today while I was in Greenville, so I'm assuming this song has some kind of popularity.

I submit that this song also solidifies my theory that most contemporary R&B is based on a dare. A bunch of guys, drinking one night; "Dude, I bet you hunerd fitty you can't write a song about having sex with some girl on her birthday and get that shit on the radio." Says Jeremiah, "I'll take that bet."

Please watch this space for the debut of my new R&B single, "Fucking on a Thursday," available on iTunes or downloadable as a ringtone for your Blackberry.

(Also notice that this is not getting tagged under "Music." Interpret that as you see fit.)

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Ron said...

You misspelled his name. It is Jeremih, which I would assume is pronounced Jeremy.

Remember when Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol? At least he still made good music. I queued this song up on the old Napster and I have to say that Nate is not far from the truth here, though I think the dog that barks Jingle Bells may still be the worst song ever.