Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Minute Post on Writing

So about that book...

I have to do "paper" revisions on three more chapters, type those changes plus edits on one more into the computer, and then give it a quick look over and it should be done. It is mighty, mighty difficult to take an argument and stretch it out over 20 years time and for over 250 pages. I think the thing holds together well. It won't win any literary prizes, but it will be competitive in academic scholarship. The book, an article in the fall, a separate book chapter into an editor, and another book chapter likely for early 2010 means that I've been a busy boy. Now, if I can just get an academic department to notice I'll be golden.


Nate said...

That's good to hear, man.

I've found myself in my new downtime writing odds and ends. I have an article that's sat on my old computer forever, so I'd love to get that cranked out, submitted, and perhaps published.

Plus, there's always that book, "Just Be Happy Damn You: A Decade in the Mental Health System."

Rev. Joshua said...

I like the idea of a sequel titled "Shut Up and Take Your Damn Pills if You Want the Voices to Stop: More from a Decade in the Mental Health System."