Thursday, August 13, 2009

Idle thoughts with a request for input

So I'm at work, right? And I started to get this idea that, see, I've got A LOT of movies, and while I watch them, I get ideas about life, philosophy, how the film hangs together on basic principles of humanity ... you know, stupid critical shit.

Then, I got to thinking that I might want to put these into a website. I considered putting these on this one, but then I thought that this forum is better suited as a miscellaneous storehouse, where our unique collaboration of fiends can get together and exchange thoughts and ideas. So, no, I started thinking the website idea would be better suited for this, a more specific project.

Now, the issue is, I have this running account through Angelfire, which comes with its own website name included. (It was originally going to be a clothing & apparel store, but things didn't quite go as planned ...) I've run through the following names, to find that they're already taken or just didn't cut it:

Cinema Obsessed
Cinema Addiction (actually, "Cinemaddition," but my pick would be too close)
Movie Addiction
Movie Addicted (again, the actual site name is "moviesaddicted," which is a porn hub!)
Movie Obsessed (which would have been fine, had the movie "Obsessed" not come out ... ugh)
DVD Addict

The ultimate plan is that this would house most of my movie/DVD related gripes, lists, thoughts, reviews, projects, etc. It would kinda like a blog, kinda like a website in its immersive quality.

Of course, this is also a project that could go tits-up in a minute if it gets too laborious. Plus, it wouldn't take away from SGM, as I still have hopes to get back on track with audio mixtape files, new banners and images, and so forth.

So ... namewise. You guys have any ideas?

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Rev. Joshua said...

Even though webhosting and domain names are so cheap these days, I would just start with something like a blog and if it's something you definitely find yourself dedicating a lot of time to, then move to the full domain.

My suggestions for names are Cinematory or Cinematorium, of which both are currently available for .com registration.