Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UFC done did it.

From a casual observer to an invested watcher ...

Yep, as you may know, "Ultimate Fighter" this season has added "internet sensation" (their hyperbole) Kimbo Slice to the Heavyweights roster. Dana White had previously stated that "the only way [Slice] was going to join UFC was to win the Ultimate Fighter."

Koff, koff, bullshit, koff, but whatever helps you fall asleep at night, when your head lands on your big pillow of money.

Granted, Kimbo did lose to some journeyman undercard guy in EliteXC, and in a roundabout way ended up costing them their prime time gig with CBS. Something to consider I'm sure.

Of course, this makes Slice less of a sure thing in the UFC, since he has a proven record to lose unexpectedly, despite mountains of hype. If we remember, though, Brock Lesnar lost his first UFC fight to Frank Mir, and Lesnar is now UFC Heavy champ.

Ah, yes, Brock Lesnar ... Kimbo Slice vs. Brock Lesnar. A license to print money, in the making? A potential great rivalry in their futures? Or all hype? If Kimbo can make it to that point, I'll defintely order that PPV. If it ends up a good fight, I'm getting the replay & the DVD.

Here's a quick tale of the tape stuff I threw together:

Lesnar: 32; Slice: 35 (Me: 34 ... that boggles my freaking mind)

Height/ Weight
Lesnar: 6'3", 265 lb
Slice: 6'2", 235 lb

Lesnar: 81"; Slice: 78"

Fight Style
Lesnar: Wrestling; Slice: Boxing

MMA Record
Lesnar: 5 total fights; 4 wins (2 KO, 1 Sub, 1 Dec)/ 1 Loss (Frank Mir)
Slice: 4 total fights; 3 wins (2 KO, 1 Sub)/ 1 Loss (Seth Petruzelli)

Watching Lesnar/Herring recently, I was impressed how Lesnar rode Herring in a variety of mounts, really showing the strength of wrestling as a martial fighting discipline. Of course, I also happened to see the Slice fight on EliteXC, and I seem to recall Kimbo having a problem taking on an opponent who's capable of taking him down and utilizing ground'n'pound ... like Lesnar. One pundit even said at the time, loosely quoted, that Kimbo's fighting style sets MMA back a hundred years.1

Man, but Kimbo gotta at least win that fight Wednesday, on The Ultimate Fighter.

... hmmm ...

Then again, UFC has proven in the past that they'll still sign competitors off of TUF, even if they don't win. Lesnar/Slice may happen, no matter how you call it.

1 Ed: "[E]very time Kimbo fights it sets the sport back. Guys like that just reinforce the idea in the public’s eye that we are all blood thirsty barbarians who just want to pummel each other and that there is no skill required. Guys like them do the sport a disservice." - Frank Mir. Funny, that.


Rev. Joshua said...

Kimbo Slice is fun to watch on YouTube when he's beating the sense out of street thugs, but as it stands he is lacking in the discipline necessary to compete effectively in the long-term. At least Lesnar has a background in amateur wrasslin' to give him a guide for learning the necessary skills. Slice could get better, but I wouldn't count on it.

Nate said...

Yeah, I watched the fight last night on TUF. Kimbo Slice is just hype; he should stick to fighting with some other bum over a two day old steak out by the dumpsters behind Ryan's.