Thursday, September 24, 2009

An update, of sorts

Being cryptic here

The opportunity I have is still moving forward. Will know more in about a month it looks like.

My current situation.....absolutely dire. Feels like I'm in a bad movie or a bad episode of a sitcom where the boss is simply maniacal and not just incompetent. When this is over, there will be some great e-mails.


Nate said...

First, I'm glad to see that contributions are still intact here at the lab.

Glad to hear that the current situation is moving forward well, as well. That's pretty awesome, and I'm still awaiting word on what exactly everything entails.

Rev. Joshua said...

Maniacal boss? Son, when I get the fuck out of my current situation I will detail a disasterpiece that will include the document I signed which theoretically makes me legally liable for detailing said masterpiece.

Ron said...

Rev., it pains me to say that I think I might be able to actually top you (save the confidentiality agreement). I am in full-time scramble mode just to save some sort of position and draw a paycheck until I can hear back from the Big Opportunity. Its kind of funny....over the last two years I have been regarded as a solid, dependable, forward-looking employee and have built some very viable and successful things. I now have a new boss who thinks I'm pond scum but, not only that, thinks that they can change the opinion of everyone else in the institution in a matter of months. We are starting to tread the water of the "-ism" charges and when I saw one of those coming I started working my way up the chain to get out quickly. I have faith in God that something will come through for me, though I think it will be a bumpy ride regardless.