Thursday, October 01, 2009

2009 SGM Month of Halloween Horror Movie for October 1

"Grizzly" (1976)

Phobia: Agrizoophobia (Fear of wild animals)

Quote: "There’s something I’m not doing ... I’m not cut out for this. What am I doing? Giving lectures around the campfire, showing slides, taking long rides in the woods and just looking at animals ... There’s a killer bear out there and I’m just sitting here crushing ice cubes in my mouth." – Kelly (Christopher George) talks up the glamorous life of a park ranger to Allison (Joan McCall), on his quest to sample her local shrubbery.

Synopsis: When an eighteen-foot, two-thousand-pound grizzly bear starts mauling campers and hikers at a state park, a park ranger springs into action. But the job is too big to tackle alone, so he enlists the aid of a naturalist and a helicopter pilot to take this freak of nature down. Meanwhile, the giant grizzly, not content with picnic baskets, continues to kill indiscriminately, leaving pools of blood and piles of body parts in his wake. Can the ranger and his cronies end the grizzly's reign of terror without restoring to excessively extreme measures? Absolutely not!

This post-Jaws, nature-runs-rampant thriller promises grisly grizzly bear mayhem and delivers! Helmed by director William Girdler, Grizzly was a box office hit and the top-grossing independent film of 1976.

Fear creeps in at 00:55:24: Up to this point, you only get glimpses of the animal attacker, but plenty of lingering shots of the deceased; mauled, mutilated bodies that used to be campers. Here, at almost an hour in, eighteen feet and one ton of straight ghetto grizzly bear shows up in all his furry fury. Not only that, but he pushes over a watch station that has been set up to keep an eye out for said grizzly. How a tanker truck of grizzly managed to sneak up on this watch tower is beyond me, but he sure enough does it. Perhaps he’s a ninja grizzly?

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