Monday, October 05, 2009

2009 SGM Month of Halloween Horror Movie for October 4

"Tales From the Hood" (1995)

Phobia: Melanophobia (Fear of the color black)

Quote: “This ain’t no funeral home. It ain’t the Terror Dome neither. Welcome to Hell, motherfuckers!” – Mr. Simms (Clarence Williams III)

Synopsis: One of the best horror films of the decade. Welcome to the hood of horrors--a place where it's hard to tell nightmares from reality. A place where you will discover … TALES FROM THE HOOD.

Stack, Ball and Bulldog arrive at a local funeral parlor to retrieve a lost drug stash held by the mortician Mr. Simms. But Mr. Simms has other plans for the boys. He leads them on a tour of his establishment, introducing them to his corpses. Even the dead has tales to tell, and Mr. Simms is willing to tell them all. And you'd better listen--because when you're in his 'hood, even everyday life can lead to extraordinary terror.

Fear creeps in at 01:08:10: Duke Metger, former Klansman, is now running for public office, much to the dismay of local black & Jewish community members. In fact, Metger has taken residence in an old plantation, where the souls of slaves are said to haunt the hallways. These spirits take the form of dolls, crafted by a voodoo priestess whose life is immortalized in a mural in the plantation’s main office. In his confrontation with one of the dolls, Metger has gained the upper hand. The doll, realizing his folly, brings in some help, from the inside.

See also: Bones (2001); Murder Was the Case; Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror

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