Friday, December 04, 2009

Tennessee Mayor Jumps the Shark

The Reverend and I were having a discussion about how the right wing has come unhinged because of the existence of a President Obama. I have a theory that one of the notable right wing commentators will say the unforgivable word in reference to the Pres one day soon. After reading this, I'd like to revise that to include politicians as well. I'd also like to point out that Arlington Tennessee's Wikipedia page has been updated to reflect this incident. All 10,000 of this man's constituents should be very proud.


Buck said...

So basically what we can take away from this is not that Obama was dithering on the Afghanistan decision, but that he was merely waiting as part of his evil plot, to announce the war strategy during Charlie Brown Christmas, thus denying Christian America a little piece of holiday happiness! AAAAAAH! FUCK! NO! This mayor should be marched out into a field and shot through the back of the head shortly before air strikes are called in to level Arlington Tennessee. Then salt should be sowed the length and width of Shelby County to make sure nothing ever grows there again.

Rev. Joshua said...

You're giving Nobama too much credit. An obvious undeserving product of affirmative-action policies, Nobama's isn't smart enough to kill two birds with one stone. The pre-emption of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was a fortuitous-but-coincidental byproduct of Nobama's dithering on the Afghanistan decision.

Furthermore, Sarah Palin