Saturday, March 13, 2010

No updates due to unemployment

As I sit here in the local library ...

Sucks, man. I had an interview for a supervisor position at a distant mental health clinic, only to get called a few days ago to be told that the interviews in total are being cancelled due to a 22% financial cut to the department of same.

I am certain I was in the ninetyish percentile of being their candidate, too.

So, no income, still, with few prospects, and ongoing medical problems that I can't seek treatment for (due to lack of insurance). So no internet for another month, it seems.

Another week of this, and I may be hitting up Wal-Mart.

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Rev. Joshua said...

Sucks about the job spot disappearing. I'm pretty much languishing in BK, nothing here of note either. But hey, maybe (insert political comment about jobless recovery and health care reform being someone's fault). Ugh, burnt out.