Friday, May 21, 2010

The Nutter at Work

A while back I told you all about a mentally disturbed individual we had to deal with at work.

Well, they have continued to escalate their rhetoric to the point that it has gone beyond scary. They are now playing the race card in everything they talk about. They have started sending e-mail missives (and somehow I made it on the list) that are much worse than what came up on their "blog." Based on what they talk about, the poor girl who set all this off is the one who should be the most worried....then my place of employment.

Most people who have dealt with him believe that he is not a harm to anyone. I don't know that I agree.


Ron said...

They sent out a long e-mail in the last couple of days. The shooter from Columbine makes another appearance.

Nate said...

Having read this individual's body of online work - in fact, I have continued so to do - I'm inclined to agree with your assessment.

I've always believed, in my previous profession, that you go with your gut. My gut wasn't what got me fired.

Ron said...

I think his blog has quite a few readers he doesn't know about. He sent out another private communication to a large number of people telling us why he isn't a violent individual and seemed angry that we would think he was.

Me think he doth protest muchly.