Monday, July 19, 2010

Engage slow blinking silent response .... NOW!

(Craziest thing, I kept trying to check my email account today, and long story short, I'm surprised the word "hootmail" doesn't produce a social networking site for owls.)

Couple of current events things that have caught my eye today, figured I'd post 'em to keep the slow summer months from making this joint a total ghost town:

"Coca-Cola has been forced to pull an internet campaign after parents accused the company of using hardcore pornographic references (ed. note: "... to '2 Girls 1 Cup' ...") to target children on Facebook." [more]

- and -

"A $7,000 fine is costing Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) millions, The New York Times reported this morning.

"The retail giant has reportedly spent more than $2 million to contest the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's penalty for the death of an employee during a trampling incident on Black Friday in 2008 at a store in Valley Stream, N.Y."

And in other news ...


Ron said...

I absolutely love that banner and the story behind it.

Nate said...

Yep, found it in my old hard drive, and I figured I'd resurrect it.