Thursday, December 16, 2010

So ... editing error? Joke? Haxxors?

Who do I report this to?

And no, not the glaring error on this local paper's website. The report I need to make is, that I know for sure there's a pet in my community that is NOT following through with his registration requirements.

Wanted to save this for the CUTS of the week, but I couldn't wait.

Edit: FIXED during the time it took me to make all this effort to post.


Nate said...

Alternately, who do I alert when I know a sex offender who really made a distinct impression on the community this week?

Rev. Joshua said...

I didn't really think much of the "Pet Registry" but "Sex Offender of the Week" is a winner.

"Pete Lawson led all Offenders with 12 flashings, 4 fondlings, and 1 sexual assault. Honorable mentions to Tyrone Franks for one count of trespassing and one count of indecent exposure for being caught masturbating outside the women's dorm showers. Eric Mahoney's four counts of pederasty have been disqualified as the victims were discovered to be consenting adult midgets."