Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My thought of the day

A lesson from Ric Flair
The internet has opened the world up to a great deal of unwarranted and unnecessary snark. In my profession, we have an anonymous online rating site that allows our customers to critique our performance. For the most part, the results are usually fair....no one is perfect all the time. But sometimes a comment comes through that is completely and totally removed from reality.

As I was mulling over the most recent example of these, a picture of Ric Flair came across my news feed and it got me to thinking. Here is arguably one of the greatest performers of his generation who excelled at his chosen profession. While his longevity is remarkable for any career, spending as much time as he did on top is pretty unprecedented and will likely not be repeated any time soon.

Yet, in spite of his acclaim, there are people who hate him. Part of it within the industry is probably jealousy. Part of it is probably from people who legitimately didn't get him or what he was trying to do.

Moral of the story: if people can hate Ric Flair, it is ok to be called medicore on occasion on an anonymous internet forum.


Jake Palumbo said...

Well stated.

Nate said...

I concur. Granted, when longevity equals having man-boobs that shimmy like melting rubber when you move, you've been around to accumulate at least a few detractors, for whatever reason.