Friday, July 29, 2011

I want a Macbeth chess set.

Someone get the Franklin Mint on the case!

The pieces would reflect the characters of the play. The king and queen are Lord and Lady Macbeth, obviously. The bishops would be the witches that prophesize Macbeth’s rise to power. The knight is a tricky choice; if you think in terms of major characters and main set pieces, then it would make sense to either put Banquo or the ghost of Banquo as the knight. The rook is another tricky piece; as most themed chess sets seem to cast the rook as an inanimate object, I’d make the rook a clear Plexiglass dagger to represent the image from Macbeth’s heat-oppressed brain that leads him to kill Duncan.

And the rooks are all soldiers, holding branches of Birnam Wood as they advance on Dunsinane.

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