Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Staycation 2011: Day 1

8:20a – Got up after 7 tries and got the baby off to day care. Having the first gen2 SGM progeny is quite a bit of pride; when we play wrestle, she demands that I be “Ray Asterio” and she’ll be “Triple 8;” I presume it’s because she wants to make sure that I don’t rise too high on the card and threaten her status with the company.

At home, with the entire house to myself, I take to the computer to do some much needed reading, research, and fun time.

9:20a – Dear Sasha Grey,

Congratulations. You have done the impossible and made me hate porn. You truly are a talented woman.


9:42a – Barnes & Noble is running with a 50% off select movies for one day only. And, as you would expect, I see nothing that I’m even remotely interested in. Nothing I don’t already have, anyway.

No, wait; “Centurion.” “Inherit the Wind.” “Falling Down.” Ah, what the hell, “My Science Project” is $4.99.

And please, someone realize that a work of any type (book, film, et cetera) which has a title that starts with “The” … “The” gets dropped when alphabetizing a list of works. This doesn’t mean that, say, “The Thomas Crown Affair,” goes in “T!” Well, wait, it does … but not by virtue of the starting “The,” it’s under “Thomas.” … bad example …

10:30am – Added more entries to this insane project, where I’m cataloging all the wrestling matches that I have on DVD, by the wrestlers who are in those matches. At some point in the coming year or so, I plan on making some comps available, either through SGM or my 2012 dvd blog project. If I go either route, at some point there’ll be an audience participation option, where a group of select few can pick the matches to go on an edition.

Once I get a few more DVD contents catalogued – and no, I’m not going wrestler-by-wrestler for battle royals, no way no how – I’ll post the list up, so you, too, can know where to get your Corey Student, Tony Stradlin, Joe Young, and Cyber Kong fixes.

11:35a – I ain’t done shit. Looked at my belly button to see if I could make it start singing. Texted w/ Will (Professor Will, also of SGM fame). Tried to score a free book from some college professor; more news as that develops.

Speaking of, note to self: I really need to adapt my syllabus for the new semester. Might get to that today; might get to it tomorrow. As long as I get to it before classes begin Thursday, I’ll be alright. Work has a serious fucking way of interfering with a good week off. Granted, that’ll happen when you work two jobs … I’m a Jamaican from “Living Colour.”

12pm - How many times does one shit in their pants before they go on to win a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting?

1:10p – When you get married, and you’re a guy, sometimes you have to assume the genesis of female parts to co-exist with your man Elmer’s Glue spitting parts. That means cleaning, organizing, vacuuming, et cetera.

And while vacuuming, I realized that I need a microphone with computer access, because I have worked on a wicked B-Real impression. Now if I only knew the lyrics to more Cypress Hill songs.

3:30p – Holy shit, woke up in the recliner, after promising myself I’d take “just a minute.” Did the aliens win?

5:40pm – Went out, picked up the seed. “Daddy, I think Wednesday is my favorite day.” Can’t ask for more. And since when did three year old daycare have homework??!?!

9:00p – Raw comes on, and a few minutes deep into it, I like Albert Del Rio Dirt Tack. “I wakes up in the morning and ask myself, ‘What do I want to do today? Why, I think I’ll beat Rey Misterio!” My daughter may have something to say about that …

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