Monday, March 26, 2007

More Wrestlemania discussion: Trump vs. McMahon

Or, rather, Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga. Oh yeah, with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in there to shill his new movie be the guest referee.

With Austin there, I can't believe that it'll end with anything other than EVERYONE getting stunned ... hell, even Trump. Why not? Although, no shit, I'd be the biggest fan of Umaga for-fuckin-EVER if he no-sold the Stunner and just for fake/real handed Austin his ass.

The ramifications of this match are:
- Well, let's get it out of the way, I can't see Trump going bald on this one.
- However, McMahon going bald on this one seems odd too.
- It's April Fools Day when Mania is held, but the chances of them pulling one over on the fans like that ... brrrr.
- For Trump to win, Umaga would have to lose, which would have meant more if Cena hadn't beaten him twice already.
- For McMahon to win, Lashley would have to eat a loss, which would have meant more if Booker T hadn't beaten him already.
- Lashley is the ECW* champion, Umaga the IC champion, so neither of these belts are up for grabs to any other brand-specific competitor. Something about that kinda sucks, but oh well ... none of the tag titles are on the line, and in the past three years have only been defended once (and that was Big Show & Kane vs. Masters & Carlito).

My prediction: McMahon goes bald at the end. They wouldn't dare risk an April Fools Day joke on a match of this magnitude. Austin calls McMahon a "bald-head sumbitch," stuns everyone incl. Lashley who just won the thing, then pours beer on his shirt for old times sake. Everyone goes home happy, 'cause life is just how it should be, in 1997. I mean, 2007.

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