Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quick hits...

Coming soon to a retailer near you: Strawberry...


Reports of candy-flavored methamphetamine are emerging around the nation, stirring concern among police and abuse prevention experts that drug dealers are marketing the drug to younger people.
Among the new flavors are strawberry, known as "Strawberry Quick," chocolate, cola and other sodas, Robertson said. One agent reported a red methamphetamine that had been marketed as a powdered form of an energy drink, he said.
"Strawberry Quick," the bulletin said, "is popular among new users who snort it because the flavoring can cut down on the taste. Teenagers who have been taught meth is bad may see this flavored version as less harmful. 'Strawberry Quick' is designed for the younger crowd."

That's awesome. And seriously, any kid that thinks Strawberry Meth is less harmful should be given all the Strawberry Meth they can snort, smoke, shoot or eat. That fuckup needs to be out of the gene pool as quickly as possible.

Jenna Fisher, naked:


Close, but not enough. Damnation. Apparently, Jenna did the shoot fully nude. A just and loving God gives me outtakes. Uncensored outtakes.

I try to avoid talking about That Other Site, because it feels like sour grapes and needless griping, but I've been keeping an eye on lulls in the posting since the October Exodus. January saw a quiet period of 14 days (01/05 - 01/19). February saw 20 days (02/03 - 02/23). March went 14 days again (03/05 - 03/19). Interspersed have been a number of shorter breaks. I'm predicting that before the end of July, That Other Site will finally reach one full month of silence.

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