Friday, April 06, 2007

Grindhouse--what did I think??

I went to see the movie or I guess I should say movies today--opening day.

I cannot really say I was disappointed. The movies did keep my interest and the fake trailers, commercials, etc. were a really neat idea to experience the full double bill grindhouse cinema 70s feel. I will say that I enjoyed "Planet Terror" more than "Death Proof". Not that the latter was bad but I am more into nonstop action. "Planet Terror" really presented a good story with tons and tons of gore and some humor. I enjoyed the actors that were in both movies that are staples in Tarentino movies. Michael Parks character especially. The women were hot and did a great job. I like Rose McGowan and she did a great job with her character as well.

"Death Proof" was good but I did not like the talkie talkie talkie aspect of it. The chicks spend so much time around a diner table discussing issues. Now, I know "Reservior Dogs" had the same aspect but this was no "Reservior Dogs" I could tell Kurt Russell was enjoying himself. It was good to see him in that element again. There just was not enough action in it.

Would I buy these movies??-- Bones yeah, I will!!!!! I hope they come out together but they will probably come out as seperate movies in order to drain as much money as possible out of me. I guess I need to break down and buy both "Kill Bills" since their does not seem to be one set of those coming out anytime soon.

Bottom line-- Planet Terror- 3 count
Death Proof - 2-3/4 count
but again it is my opinion. Go see it and let me know what you thing.

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Will said...

OK< some of what I wrote did not appear. Why is that?? Anyone know. Sometimes I write and their is no summary and so forth.

I need to take Blog 101, I guess